Mali – Places to Visit on Vacation

The Republic of Mali, situated in West Africa, is home to legendary locations such as the city of Timbuktu, the mosque at Djenné and the river port Mopti. Mali is part of the Southern Saharan desert and is mostly made up of rolling plains, deserts, Savannah and also the Niger River. This African nation is quickly accessible with flights readily available from Paris, Europe and New York. The former French colony is comprised of an enormous array of persons: Bambara, Songhai, Mandinka, Senoufo, Fula, and Dogon. Visiting the Dogons is particularly interesting owing to their cliff-side villages and artistic skills.

Timbuktu, a name really familiar to everyone but forever a mysterious location, is he celebrated tourist destination in Mali. Its fame hails from its strategic location that became a convergence of camel-caravan routes from West Africa towards Mediterranean given that the medieval times. Nowadays, it truly is but a shadow of its former glory but the holidaymakers still come to travel to it to determine the quite a few cultural museums, mosques and markets.

The mosque of Djenné is the biggest mud-built structure on earth. Boxed in by colorful markets and madrassas (schools in which kids learn the Qur’an), this mosque is like an apparition that gives testament to its rich record. The ruins with the Jenné-Jeno as well as the bogolan mud-cloth are a few of the popular attractions and products available in Djenné.

It’s a ought to to visit the port town of Mopti, a lively position in which boats unload their assorted cargoes to sell. Traders sell their wares, fruits, and livestock in Marché Souguni exactly where quite a few spices, medicines and foodstuff are being sold as well.

The optimum time to visit Mali would be from November to January when the climate is cool and daylight temperature ranges are in their 30s. Visit Mali in January to experience their well-known musical occasion referred to as the “Festival inside Desert of Timbuktu”.

Don’t forget to be careful when walking at night or riding a train in Kayes or Bomako wherever thieves usually roam. Tourists should also carry extreme precaution in Northern Mali where bandits have been identified for kidnapping.

Top 4 Tips on How to Get the Most Out of Your Holiday Shopping

The Holiday season is fast approaching and with it is the need to shop for holiday treats that you will give to your loved ones come Christmas day. However, this holiday spending spree can sometimes go awry for some people, so here are the most important tips so that you could survive the Christmas rush, and survive it gracefully.

Set a Budget

Try to set a stricter-than-usual budget for your shopping “needs”. A lot of people have a tendency to spend way over what they can afford, often ending up with piles of debt by New Year’s time. Research shows that a lot of people tend to spend so much that the accumulated debt will take the rest of the year to pay back. This is the last thing that you would want to happen.

Estimate the total amount that you are willing and able to spend for the whole holiday season. Afterwards, list down the people that you need to buy gifts for, and allocate the budget accordingly. Furthermore, do not forget to include other holiday “musts” like food, ornaments and even potentially higher utility bills.

Protect Your Belongings

The Christmas season is a season of cheer, but not all people feel this way. With the onset of the global financial crisis, more and more people – even in developed countries like the US – are living a life of poverty. Unfortunately, with poverty comes the not-so-desirable reality of pickpockets, robbers, and fraudsters.

As soon as your shoes land on a shopping street, always keep an eye on your valuables. Try not to wear any flashy clothes or jewellery. Even if you risk looking less glamorous than what you would have wished, avoiding untoward incidents is not that bad of a trade-off.

Be Wary of Identity Thieves

Most working people today are always on the go, and they may have less time for shopping in the recent years. Because of this, a lot of us turn into the internet so that we can do all the Christmas shopping online. Usually, we use our credit cards for purchases, or maybe some other escrow utility like PayPal.

But then, this added convenience comes with a very big risk: your personal information can be stolen by online identity thieves, who can use it so that they could make purchases for their benefit and to your detriment. Thus, be sure to enter your personal information only in sites that you trust.

As a rule of thumb, look for certifications issued by VeriSign or Web of Trust in the home page. This will lessen the likelihood that the stuff that you would pay for are only those that you have received.

Smart Shopping!

The first thing that usually comes into mind when one hears the word “shopping” is going to the most luxurious store that your mind can fancy. This leads to unrealistic spending patterns that do not only hurt your finances, but can also cause much despair on your part as soon as you receive your next credit card billing statement.

You need not flock the posh malls just to get the best gifts for your loved ones. Instead, there are many other alternative outlets where you can purchase the same thing for a lower price. Read blogs about special offers or look around your city and go to shopping places that you rarely visit. More often than not, a few extra steps will let you save lots of money.

Moreover, you can also create your giveaways yourself. After all, the spirit of gift giving is about letting your loved ones know that they matter, and not so much on the price tag of what they would receive.

Strange Days – The World’s Top 75 Silly Holidays and Commemoration Days

As I am wont to do on a Tuesday morning in July, I was daydreaming about International Talk Like a Pirate Day, which I make a point of honoring every year. And, in true Carrie Bradshaw style, I “couldn’t help but wonder” how many other silly holidays and commemoration days there are in the world.

A quick trawl round the ‘Net revealed that there are in fact hundreds of weird and wonderful holidays and commemoration days celebrated around the world. Far too many to list here, so here are my top 75. They’re all real – Google them if you don’t believe me!

16 January – Appreciate a Dragon Day

22 January – Answer your Cat’s Questions Day (‘When’s dinner?’ ‘What’s for dinner?’ ‘Dinner?’)

26 January – Bubble Wrap Appreciation Day

31 January – National Gorilla Suit Day

7 February – Wave all your Fingers at your Neighbours Day

8 February – Laugh and Get Rich Day

13 February – Blame Someone Else Day

21 February – Introduce a Girl to Engineering Day

3 March – What if Cats and Dogs had Opposable Thumbs Day

14 March – International Fanny Pack Day (possibly only funny in the UK)

20 March – Snowman Burning Day (how does that work?)

31 March – National “She’s Funny That Way” Day

11 April – International “Louie Louie” Day

15 April – Take a Wild Guess Day

23 April – Talk like Shakespeare Day

24 April – National Hairball Awareness Day

26 April – Hug an Australian Day

1 May – No Pants Day

3 May – Lumpy Rug Day

3 May – National Two Different Coloured Shoes Day

4 May – Respect for Chickens Day

9 May- Stay up All Night Day

13 May – Root Canal Appreciation Day

14 May – National Chicken Dance Day

20 May – International Day of Dishwashing Liquids

22 May – National Wig Out Day

28 May – Slugs Return from Capistrano Day

2 June – Yell “Fudge” at the Cobras in North America Day

6 June – Doo-dah Day

8 June – Upsy Daisy Day

19 June – World Sauntering Day

22 June – Stupid Guy Thing Day

26 June – Ugly Dog Day

29 June – Please Take my Children to Work Day (…because they are driving me bloomin’ mad)

1 July – Second Half of the Year Day

2 July – I Forget Day

3 July – Compliment your Mirror Day (oh baby, you’re soooo good at reflections…)

6 July – Take your Webmaster to Lunch Day

10 July – Don’t Step on a Bee Day

13 July – Embrace your Geekness Day

22 July – Spoonerism Day

25 July – Cow Appreciation Day (oh Daisy, you’re really moo-tiful)

7 August – Particularly Preposterous Packaging Day

8 August – Sneak Some Zucchini onto your Neighbour’s Porch Night (could this be any more random?)

12 August – Sewing Machine Day

17 August – Meaning of “is” Day (go on then – what does “is” mean?)

22 August – Southern Hemisphere Hoodie Hoo Day

28 August – Race your Mouse Around the Icons Day

28 August – Crackers Over the Keyboard Day

5 September – Be Late for Something Day

19 September – International Talk Like a Pirate Day

19 September – Wife Appreciation Day

19 September – Big Whopper Liar Day (I’m sure there’s a way to combine all three of 19 September’s silly holidays…)

26 September – Fish Amnesty Day (don’t worry, Codfather – you’re safe, for one day only)

12 October – International Moment of Frustration Scream Day

12 October – National Kick Butt Day

14 October – Be Bald and Be Free Day

17 October – World Toy Camera Day

22 October – Caps Lock Day (or is that CAPS LOCK DAY?)

27 October – Cranky Co-Workers Day

30 October – Create a Great Funeral Day (like you’re going to be around to enjoy it…)

30 October – Haunted Refrigerator Night

8 November – Cook Something Bold and Pungent Day (my husband’s socks ought to do the trick)

18 November – Married to a Scorpio Support Day

19 November – World Toilet Day

19 November – Have a Bad Day Day

20 November – Name your PC Day (I typed this list on Beryl, my trusty laptop)

25 November – Tie One On Day

30 November – Stay at Home because you’re Well Day

1 December – Bifocals at the Monitor Liberation Day (totally baffled by this one… anyone?)

5 December – Ninja Day

5 December – Bathtub Party Day (those bathtubs really know how to celebrate)

15 December – Cat Herders Day

16 December – Barbie and Barney Backlash Day

And if none of those tickle your fancy, there’s always 26 March – Make up your Own Holiday Day.

Organizing Tips For a Joyful and Stress-Free Holiday Season

If you find yourself feeling overwhelmed during the holidays, you might want to consder these simple but effective ways to give yourself a break and relax a bit more this year. Even if you only try one thing on this list, you will create a more peaceful and joyous holiday for yourself and for your loved ones.

Holiday Decor – Do not feel obligated to hang every decoration every year. Take time off from your treasures, maybe this year go minimalist and see how it feels. It can be a huge relief!

  • Store your treasures in special plastic tubs with seasonal colors. This makes finding all of your items easy even when they get lost behind the camping gear on the top shelf.
  • Purge the old, dusty and musty decor Take time to purge your old decorations and keep only the items that you enjoy seeing every year. Downsize and make decorating easier in the years ahead.

Create a Gift Closet – Designate one place to store gifts, paper and cards throughout the year. Stock up as you see gifts on sale throughout the year. A running list posted on inside of the door makes it easy to keep track of what you have on hand and also to grab a quick hostess gift on your way out to a party.

Time – Just say no. You do not have to attend every party and gathering that you are invited to. If the day arrives and you would rather sit at home and decompress, call and excuse yourself from the gathering.

Gift Giving – Start your holiday thinking before you start your holiday buying. Make a list of everyone you will buy for this year. Leave a space beside their name and as you purchase, check their name off. Also, if they mention what they want throughout the year, you can make a note beside their name. Keep this list in your wallet and when you are out and about, you might find that perfect gift before the holidays arrive!

  • Gift Cards – Consider gift cards this year. These wonderful little ditties save you time, stress and wrapping paper. The real plus it that your recipient has the opportunity to get what they really want!
  • Plan a Gift Exchange – Secret Santa gift exchanges provide the perfect opportunity for family members to get the big gift they really want and would never buy for themselves. Draw papers from a bag with each persons name and their big gift request. This saves time and the stress of finding the perfect gift while ensuring that everyone gets what they really want. Make a pact to buy only one gift with no surprise small gifts allowed or this exercise could turn into a real gift extravaganza.
  • Give Magazine Subscriptions-Support your friends hobbies with this thoughtful gift. They will think of you every month as they read your gift.
  • Shop Online – Be an armchair shopper and save time and money on sites like eBay. For the best deals, log on very early or late in the day to hit auctions as they close.

Parties – If cooking for the masses is not your forte, go easy on yourself and host a ‘bring a dish’ party. Friends and family rarely resent bringing one dish to a party and your job will become considerably easier. Provide the main course and you are done.

  • Gather Your Family Off-Site – Have your family gathering at a nice restaurant with desert and coffee afterwards at your place.
  • Rent Dishes for Your Fancy Dinner There is no better feeling than placing all of the dirty dishes in a rack and sending them away to be cleaned and disposed of. The price is nominal when you wake up to a clean house in the morning.
  • Hire a Caterer – or buy premade feasts at your local grocery. Add a few special ingredients to each pre-made dish and it will taste homemade.
  • Plan an Open House – friends and family can drop in throughout the day and the expectations are lower. Guests don’t expect a gourmet meal and the mood will stay light and festively casual. No expectations except to catch up with your favorite people.
  • Host a Holiday Craft Party – Give Homemade Gifts This Year. Schedule the entire day for friends and family to stop by and make gifts. Set up work stations for each craft and ask that people bring ingredients for the designated crafts. Great ideas include; Mix in a jar recipes like soups, cakes and cookie mixes. Other ideas are wreaths, small decorated trees, pillow cases, gift tags. Use your imagination and have fun!

Create Ritual – Formulate a plan that resonates with your hearts desire: This can mean spending a specified evening by yourself for pampering or getting everyone you love together at the same time every year, even if it is on a conference call. Create an annual habit that makes you feel like this time of the year is special and sacred, whatever this means to you.

Spend the Holidays Solo – You are not obligated to go home for the holidays. If you really need to take a time out – do it, take a trip or curl up with your favorite book or watch a movie by yourself. Its all good if it is what you need. Jump on a plane and go somewhere where others don’t celebrate the holidays and decompress. You can create a your own personal holiday interlude and start the New Year revitalized, relaxed and perhaps even smug.

Nourish Yourself – Take time to be alone and contemplate your blessings in life. Spend the day in nature and enjoy the sunshine. This day can be the fuel to keep you going during the busiest part of the holidays.

Hire a Cleaning Service – Treat yourself to a clean house without the hassle. Set up an appointment in November for your home to get cleaned the week of Christmas or Hanukkah and remove that task from your list so you can focus on other more important details. If you do not have the luxury of a regularly scheduled cleaning service, make it your gift to yourself.

Dress to Celebrate – Take the time to create an outfit that makes you feel festive. GO through your closet and decide what you will wear in advance. Add a new piece to your existing holiday attire or splurge this year and get the perfect black dress that you can wear all year. Dress it up with a pair of sparkly party shoes. A cashmere sport coat can take any man from day to fancy evening events looking fabulous even while wearing blue jeans!

Bake With Friends and Swap Cookies – Set a date to have your girlfriends over to bake all day. Have everyone bring ingredients and baking dishes for their favorite cookies and desserts. This is a great way to spend quality time with your friends and get your pantry loaded for the holidays. If spending a day together will not work this year, have everyone make triple recipes and schedule a swap during a morning or afternoon coffee break.

Keep Your Figure – Do not let the holidays negate the weight loss you have achieved this year. Cut yourself some slack, strive for weight maintenance, not loss during the festive season. Use the secrets below to maintain your weight:

  • Drink a large glass of water and a protein bar before you attend a party. This way you will arrive satiated and less likely to eat everything on the buffet.
  • Offer to bring a vegetable platter to the party. Stock it with goodies that you love to snack on. Splurge and make a fabulous nonfat dip so it tastes as good as possible. Remember that alcohol is very high on calories. Offer to be the designated driver to your company party. You will probably fair better in the long run with less embarrassing moments to relive with your office mates.
  • Shop on a full stomach to avoid the lure of the food court at the mall. Take snack bars with you in case you have to shop longer than expected.

Volunteer – Show up at the pediatric ward of a local hospital to deliver small presents.

  • Call your local senior center to see if there are people who will be alone during the holidays. Ask if you can visit and bring a picnic lunch, cookies or light snack to share.
  • Contact Habitat for Humanity ( and help build a home. Many trips are organized abroad during the holidays and might provide a good reason why you aren’t able to go home and visit the relatives.

Find Ways to De-emphasize Commercialism – Prepare your kids for the upcoming gifts or lack. Make a pact with your friends to not exchange gifts this year. Instead exchange cards that represent a service like babysitting, a home-cooked catered meal, popcorn and movie rental delivery etc. Spend time collecting blankets and food for the needy and help the less fortunate by sharing your time, energy and love.

Vacation Destinations – Top Fantasy Retreats

Indulgence is all about taking your vacation in style and living life as a fantasy. A must to escape from daily grind and give beat to burnout, choose any luxury packages to luxurious hotels and retreat in the world where you will live a life like a dream come true. Just make a fantasy of your desires and wishes and list down below are bound to make it real and oh so happening and the world of this place is for you to take at some price and your every whim shall be taken care of.

• Vacation destinations: Hotel Marques de Riscal, Spain

Imagined yourself where there is wine and more wine wherever you see. Hotel Marques de Riscal, Spain will let you live a life of wine connoisseur, which is hidden deep in Rioja region. Here there is indulgence in elixir, from the vineyards view surrounding the retreat and have the pleasures of tasting best wines. Since 1980, designed by architectural brilliance Frank Gehry, this is wine love haven from the time you check in and to time you check out, you will be in kicked in world of fantasy. You would not even think about spirits and mixers, but will enjoy delicious meals served with wine sauce. And then move on to the The Wine Bar Vinoteca for nightcap or two and gulp in some more delectable wines. And on waking up there is sore head, The Caudalie Vino the rapie Spa will take care and there you again indulge in exclusive wine therapy massages and treatments. Do not drink their spa dry!

• Vacation destinations: Hilton Sao Paulo Morumbi, Sao Paulo, Brazil

Fantasy of living like some President or Prime Minister will cease and become alive here. Hilton São Paulo Morumbi, Sao Paulo, Brazil which offers this dream package at $5,500 and live Like A Mogul. Immerse yourself in presidential lifestyle, beginning and ending with helicopter ride to and fro from São Paulo and ending at drop at Paulo’s Guarulhos International Airport. On arrival you will be welcomed with Champagne and chocolate and then presented with key to Presidential Suite. Award winning chefs serving you dinner for romantic two, and sleep on Fretté sheets for such a good night. And in morning you need not do anything of presidential duties, but have a presidential breakfast and then wrap in Hilton dressing gown head on to having a presidential treatment in Sensory Spa, done by masseuses who are Brazilian beauty and indulge in massages, foot treatments, body scrubs and facials, as many as you like. When going for sight seeing, your personal chopper will be awaiting ready to ferry you round the city and have power trip.

• Vacation destinations: Taj Lake Palace, Udaipur India

Want to be a Maharaja- that is emperor and live life king size and sleep in a bed that can accommodate some four to five couples and yet there be space? In a very picturesque location of Udaipur, Rajasthan in India, A palace like hotel which is set afloat in Lake Pichola, an abode of Taj Hotels, resorts and palaces. Feel like a maharaja- king of world, in the palace hotel amidst the Aravalli Mountains. Gleaming white marble structure, with majestic suites having stunning murals, exotic carpets, sweeping arches, claw-foot bathtubs and maharaja-size beds. And this can be seen and experienced only in India. And you will love and have the pleasure of ‘Hookah’ or being fanned by pretty Indian girl in sari; laze on chaise lounge and everything there are vibrant. Take a ride on decorated camel; pamper yourself with princely massages at Taj Spa. At night admire the brightly lit palace and take a romantic walk in the fountain lined courtyards. You will feel like Alladin and there will be so many genie’s out there to serve to your every need. Also enjoy the traditional folk and dance performed for you and dinning on exotic cuisine of India will be do delectable and you may ask for fireworks to go to show your princess jasmine and have a romantic and passionate night in your candle lit suite.

• Vacation destinations: ICEHOTEL, Jukkasjärvi, Sweden

You may live in New York or California or Paris or Singapore but you may have dreamed a life where you are an Eskimo, living in such a cold place and keep on snuggling to feel cozy and living in a place made up of ice. Wow, that is not a fantasy or dream because this has been made possible and into a reality. Enter yourself into the world famous and brilliant marvel of design and idea that is ICEHOTEL which is in Jukkasjärvi, some 200 km in northern of the Arctic Circle in Sweden. Absolutely amazing and mind blowing fantasy retreat. Well I have only one word for it and that is Astonishing, mimicking the construction idea and methods of nose kissing ancestors, the place is completely made up of ice. I mean, every thing, from the reception desk that shall greet you to the bed of ice for passionate love on it. The whole place is made up of ice from River Torne. As you check in, you shall be wrapped in warming furs. But its not just eyes blocks that makes the hotel, the décor of hotel is done in breathtaking and beautiful arts which are dotted around hotel. Heading on Icebar is first thing people do after donning on warm garbs, sipping on cocktails in the glasses made up of ice. As you may start feeling too cold and cannot even feel as if you have your feet below, go to warm up in ICEHOTEL restaurant which is only structure there which is not made up of ice but serves delicious local delicacies on ice slabs. You may unwind here, in a very elegant stylish restaurant before heading to cold or hot accommodation as per your choice. The retreat also has exciting and fun filled activities like ice sculpting, ice fishing, snowmobile rides and snowshoe excursions. But the best and most romantic sight is to watch the glittering northern lights in the sky together.

• Vacation destinations: Samudra, Byron Bay, Australia

Surfing paradise and Yoga retreat, Samudra, Byron Bay, Australia will serve your desire to ride on waves and feel the solidarity within. One of the best places on earth to catch the waves is Down Under, despite of Great Whites intimidating under the surface yet the water is lovely with such a panoramic view of vast and deep ocean. Byron Bay Manor, a retreat that combines surf and yoga at superb place of Samundra, you will be flying to relax as well as for having surfing adventure at the luxurious and lavish Byron Bay. This fantasy retreat is situated in New South Wales, Australia in some twenty seven acres of verdant grounds. The place has a distinct ambiance, a student bohemian vibe and suiting to surfer dudes lifestyle. Here you may get a good training on surfing, initially you may not stand up but by the time you are about to live you may be doing like Kelly Slater. Invigorating Yoga in early morning is ritual of Manor, and then heading on the pristine golden sandy beach. Other then Surfing and yoga, you can simply relax at solar heated pool, which has just the right temperature which will sooth your nerves and in spa for treatment and massage that will take away all your anxious worries. You can even unwind with a book or sit in the ocean view verandah while seeing the sun going down in Samundra. Also a very good chance to improve on your billiards technique and challenge people back home.

Vacation destinations for fancy retreats will rejuvenate and reinvigorate you for back to daily life and memories of these exotic destinations will be like a talisman that will keep making you go on other fancy retreat on the list.

Booking a Villa Holiday For Your Family This Summer

We are fast approaching that time of year where we look forward to our annual two week vacation away with our family to somewhere warm and relaxing where we can forget all about the stresses and strains of our everyday lives and enjoy some quality time with our loved ones. If you are looking to get away from the inclement weather at home perhaps a villa holiday could be the ideal two week break for you and your family.

Villa holidays are generally a less expensive alternative to booking a two week vacation in a hotel or a holiday apartment and offer you a new level of independence and freedom that you will not find in other kinds of holiday. The beauty of as villa holiday is that you really can make you accommodation your home for the duration of your vacation rather than a hotel room which always feels exactly like what it is, a hotel room. You can eat whenever you want as well as eating whatever you want when you stay in a holiday villa as well as have all of the creature comforts that you may find in your own home. A villa holiday is just like staying in your own home but having the added luxury of guaranteed good weather and the bonus of a swimming pool in your garden.

Holiday villas offer you the versatility of being to choose the accommodation size that perfectly suits and fits your family, the bigger the family the bigger the villa you can rent. If you want to share the cost of your holiday and invite some friends or family along with you then this gives you the option of splitting the cost of the holiday villa making the holiday that bit more cost effective.

When booking you holiday villa it is important to research the area first where you will be looking to stay, we all like peace and quiet and the opportunity to relax when on holiday but if you book your villa miles away from the nearest town or resort and then have no means of getting around or not enough money to hire a car then you could be in for a very lonely vacation.

It is always a good idea to get an exact breakdown of what facilities are available in your holiday villa, for example, most people who stay in a holiday villa expect to be doing an amount of self catering during the holiday so it would be a wise idea to check how well the kitchen is equipped before you book. The bigger your family the better equipped the kitchen needs to be. If you have smaller children it is a good idea to look for a villa with a washing machine as this means you can bring fewer clothes away with you but still keep them washed and clean.

Swimming pools are always a great draw when booking a holiday villa but if you are travelling with small children you should ensure that the pool is fitted with the correct safety equipment and is well maintained, the last thing that you want is an accident or worse to one of your children when on a wonderful villa holiday. Things such as the steps in and out of the pool need to be safe and secure as well as ensuring that the pool has a well marked shallow end for children. It is also a good idea to make sure that the pool has the correct depth markings all the way along.

Renting a villa for your holiday can be a really cost effective way of having a more luxurious holiday than you would usually have but it is with remembering that you may have added costs to add to the price of your holiday that may include vehicle hire and fuel, food and drink, flights and the cleaning of the villa at the end of your vacation. Always ask to see a breakdown of any extra charges that will be made to you at the end of your holiday such as cleaning of the villa or the changing of towels etc. These costs can all add up but it is worth also remembering that with a holiday villa you pay solely for the renting of the property and not the amount of people who are staying there, this can make it much more affordable than a hotel holiday in the same resort.

With the increase in the amount of people booking their vacation online it is now possible to book a holiday villa virtually anywhere in the world directly with the owners, this opens up a mass of possibilities for you and your family this summer so make sure you have a wonderful villa holiday that will stay in the memory for many years to come.

Long Term Orgasm Denial – How to Prepare

Long term orgasm denial is something many, many men crave – to the extent they will beg their wives to be locked in chastity and experience this delicious lifestyle for themselves. But when reality begins to bite… their feelings can often change.

Long term orgasm denial

Is NOT easy.

And while it’s not easy for the man (no surprises there), what IS surprising is… it’s not always easy for the woman, either. Let’s face it, we women love the closeness and intimacy of lovemaking, so to go without for a long period of time, notwithstanding the other ways he must pleasure us, can be something of a trial.

But at least we have some consolation. Men don’t.

You see, their fantasies of long term denial always ended up hitherto with their masturbating to orgasm. Which is ironic in a way. But now that orgasm is forbidden, and it’s really going to start to eat away at him.

So here are some simple ways to (at least) try to prepare him for what lies ahead:

  1. Don’t play with his affections or emotion. It’s going to be important he knows you still love him. Sounds pathetic, I know, but be fair to him. YOU can’t help feeling fragile when YOUR hormones are playing up, so why would you expect him to be any different?

  2. Make sure he knows it’s really going to happen and he’s really going to be locked for as long as you say. Being kind and merciful will only ruin his fantasy, get YOU blamed for it, and leave you wondering what you’ve done wrong.

  3. Don’t use sex as a currency. Some women do, but I think it’s a bad move, even in jest. Sex is too close to affection, and that should be unconditional in a relationship. By all means promise him an orgasm at the end of his time, but don’t give them for reward.

Taking these three simple steps will make his first long-term experience of orgasm denial much more fun for both of you.

My husband John and I have managed very successfully with his long term orgasm denial for a long, long time, and it’s wonderful for us both, a real 24/7 lifestyle for us. If you’re SICK and TIRED of reading all the hype and nonsense you find all over the ‘net when you’re really looking for sane, sound and genuine information about male chastity and long-term orgasm denial, then…

69 Dirty Talk Messages to Crank Up Your Texting Life

The ability to text message from ANYWHERE on the planet is something new, and gives relationships something they’ve never had before…the ability to keep our relationships exciting, even if we are separated from our lovers.

Now the hard part is trying to be creativity and erotic on your own. While sometimes it just rolls off the tongue, and thinking of what to say is quite easy. Other times, you might receive a sexy message and be dumbfounded on how to respond.

Below is a list of dirty talk messages that should be used when you can’t see the person you want, and your goal is to make them think OBSESS about you and the fact they can’t have you right now.

Some of these dirty talk messages are fun, some are serious, so use them wisely and don’t randomly use them. Sometimes humor when you’re having a seriously sexy chat can spoil the mood.

1. Hi. I’m horny.

2. I just thought about how awesome you are. And how awesome I am. Let’s hook up!

3. If you were the new burger at McDonalds you would be the McSexy!

4. You’re so f’n sexy!!

5. I want you right NOW.

6. The thought of you is turning me on!

7. Can you send me a picture so I can show Santa what I want for Christmas?

8. I can’t wait to see you later

9. You are SO hot

10. I love your body

11. I’ve been thinking about you ALL day

12. You make me want to do BAD things to you…and myself;)

13. I’m so h*rd/w3t right now

14. I would give anything to be with you right now!

15. I’ll be waiting for you later…naked;)

16. You can do whatever you want

17. The fact I can’t have you right now makes me want you MORE

18. What would YOU do to ME?

19. I’ve never been so turned on by someone!

20. I’ve NEVER wanted someone like I want you

21. You’d look so hot going down on me:)

22. No one does me like you!

23. I want you so bad I don’t notice anyone else

24. I’ve never met someone who turns me on like you!

25. You have the nicest a$$ on the planet, is it real?

26. Hey I just realized this, but you look a lot like my next girlfriend/boyfriend!

27. What are you wearing?

28. Your body makes me happy

29. I’m not wearing any underwear… maybe I can wear you later

30. Hello, I’m a thief, and I’m here to steal your heart.

31. Can I please be your slave tonight?

32. Do you know, your hair and my pillow are perfectly color coordinated?

33. God must have been in a very good mood the day we met.

34. I think I could fall madly in bed with you.

35. I want to melt in your mouth, not in your hand.

36. I wonder what our children will look like.

37. I’d like to name a multiple orgasm after you!

38. I’ll cook you dinner if you cook me breakfast.

39. I’ve got a condom with your name on it.

40. Picture this, you, me, bubble baths, and a bottle of champagne.

41. What do you like for breakfast?

42. Why don’t you surprise your roommate and not come home tonight???

43. Will you marry me for just one night?

44. Can I buy you a drink, or do you just want the money?;)

45. Don’t be so picky… I wasn’t! Just kidding, I love you

46. You want me. I can smell it.

47. Damn…..your ass is fine! Want to come see mine?

48. You’re like pizza. Even when you’re bad, you’re good.

49. I would lose my wallet just to see you right now

50. I’m in one of those ‘you could do whatever you want moods’ too bad you’re not here

51. Got any raisins? (No.) Then how about a date?

52. Milk does the body good, but damn how much did you drink?

53. Do you sleep on your stomach? (yes/no) Can I?

54. You so fine!

55. I say we Déjà vu last night all over again later?

56. Hi. My name is (name). I’ll be your play toy tonight.

57. Are you a virgin? (No.) Prove it!

58. My bedroom has a very interesting ceiling…

59. So what did you think of me last night? Pretty fantastic eh?

60. You’re on my list of things to do tonight.

61. OH GOD! OH GOD! Just practicing;)

62. Do you know how to use a whip? hehe

63. I’m drunk:)

64. Didn’t anyone tell you that you wanted to sleep with me??? I thought you knew!

65. Hey babe, wanna get LUCKY!?

66. Your place or mine?

67. You *will* come home with me tonight (Jedi mind trick)

68. I’m gay, think you can convert me?

69. I’m just looking for a friend with benefits (Uhm?) No not sex. A car, nice stuff, etc. Get your mind out of the gutter.

As always we had a lot of fun putting together this list. We know that we’ve missed some GREAT dirty talk lines so please feel free to comment some of your favorite messages.

Take Your Family to Scotland – Sundrum Castle Holiday Park For Fun Filled Family Fun

If you want to take your family to Scotland for a holiday of fun and entertainment, Sundrum Castle Holiday Park could well be the place for you. Situated in Ayr, on the west coast of Scotland, Sundrum Castle boasts a fantastic holiday park to keep everybody happy for the entire holiday.

Where is Sundrum Castle Holiday Park.
Sundrum Castle is situated on the coast, just outside Ayr – on the west coast of Scotland. There’s plenty to keep everybody entertained during your stay, but should wish to go and explore the local area, you’ll find plenty of things to see and do. You can explore the surrounding countryside, and take in the peaceful atmosphere. Or why not take a trip to “Heads of Ayr Farm Park”, and spend a memorable day feeding the animals. If you require a high adrenalin day, head for Loudoun Castle, where you’ll find all the rides and attractions you could hope for. Or forget the car, and stay on the park, and enjoy all the entertainment and activities provided, there’s more than enough to keep you going…

What can I expect to find at Sundrum Castle
Sundrum Castle Holiday Park is a family holiday location, so you can expect to find all the entertainment and activities to keep everybody entertained during your holiday break. There’s an indoor heated swimming pool, so you can swim whatever the weather. The children will love the water flume, and you can nip off to the solarium to top up your tan while the nippers are otherwise engaged.

The kids can challenge dad to a crazy golf match, or just muck about on the adventure play area. You’ll also find an all weather sports court, so you can stay in shape, even when on holiday.

If you can’t live without updating your Face Book page, have to keep your nearest and dearest aware of any changes via Twitter, or just need to check your email – you’ll find free WiFi supplied, so you can stay in-touch.

All in all, this park makes a first class holiday park, and one for the whole family to enjoy.

The New Microsoft Xbox 360 Kinect: Best Gift Idea Of The Holiday Season?

Every year there are new products that become the hottest items of the holiday season. In the past, we have seen toys like the Tickle Me Elmo dolls become almost impossible to find anywhere during the holidays. In 1996 Tickle Me Elmo was the “must have” toy of the season. The original retail price of the doll was $28.99 but the crazy demand and limited supply quickly drove prices over $1000 on the secondary markets!

So what’s gonna be the hot the toy for this years holiday shopping season?

Here’s a preview list of some of the top new products:

  1. Microsoft Xbox Kinect
  2. Bakugan Dragonoid Colossus
  3. Cuponk
  4. Imaginext Bigfoot
  5. Melissa and Doug
  6. My Pillow Pets
  7. Silly Bandz
  8. Sing-A-Ma-Jigs
  9. Squinkies
  10. ?

Number 10 is blank because almost every year there is a new toy that comes out of nowhere to become that holiday season’s “must have” product. Only time will tell what that will be this year but early demand looks like the revolutionary new Microsoft Xbox Kinect will be this years hot ticket item. If past results are any indication, this item will be flying off store shelves making demand exceed the suspected supply.

The Microsoft Xbox Kinect is truly revolutionizing the gaming world by completely removing the need for a standard controller. With multiple sensors that include full 3D mapping, voice recognition, and real time full-body motion detection, the Kinect is the next step in the evolution of gaming.

Any product that unique is guaranteed to be one everyone’s wish list…young and old alike! It will be interesting to see if Microsoft’s supply can meet these staggering demands throughout the next year.